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We have you covered

Whatever life throws at you, your workplace benefits can help keep you and your family covered.

Lower-cost coverage

Workplace benefits can help you pay your family's healthcare expenses, and your premiums will likely be more affordable than a personal health and dental plan.

Get the care you need

From prescriptions and dental, to paramedical services such as accupuncture and physio therapy, most plans cover the many ways you manage your well-being.

Customize your coverage

Many workplace benefit programs allow you to customize your level of coverage to your situation. As your life changes, your coverage can change too.

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Save some money at the pharmacy

Shopping around and using generic drugs, which can be as effective as the brand name version, are just a couple of choices you can make at the pharmacy to save money.

Save some money at the pharmacy

Take steps to improve your health. Assess your health risks. Build a step-by-step plan. Get coaching and track your progress. It’s part of your workplace benefits. 

What are workplace benefits?

Workplace benefits are provided by many employers or associations to help their employees cover the cost of things provincial health care plans may not pay for, including certain prescription drugs, dental, hospital, vision, paramedical and ambulance services. 

A doctor’s office in your pocket

If it’s covered by your workplace benefits, Consult+ gives you time-efficient access to qualified doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, with services provided by Dialogue.  

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